Vote IAN FRANKS for Federal Council

An  experienced party member and campaigner, well known for speaking truth to power – however unpalatable that truth may be. First joined the Liberal Party as a Young Liberal in 1966, in his hometown of Orpington, where he learned his electioneering skills as one of the team behind hard-working Liberal MP Eric Lubbock. A longContinue reading “Vote IAN FRANKS for Federal Council”

Stunning, yes, but it’s not a revival. We have been here before

Congratulations to Sarah Green (right) and everyone who contributed to the stunning Liberal Democrat victory in Chesham and Amersham. But let’s not get to carried away. Much as I would love to believe otherwise, one by-election victory in a Tory heartland seat does not signify the beginnings of a great LD revival. A similar upsetContinue reading “Stunning, yes, but it’s not a revival. We have been here before”