Vote IAN FRANKS for Federal Council

Ian Franks

An  experienced party member and campaigner, well known for speaking truth to power – however unpalatable that truth may be.

First joined the Liberal Party as a Young Liberal in 1966, in his hometown of Orpington, where he learned his electioneering skills as one of the team behind hard-working Liberal MP Eric Lubbock.

A long and successful (indeed, award-winning) career in journalism, meant putting party politics on hold, broken just once as he was a Liberal SDP Alliance candidate in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham in 1982.

Throughout his career, politics have remained in prime focus and have brought him face-to-face with and even sometimes confronting politicians of all levels, and parties, from local councillors to cabinet ministers.


Extremely passionate about the importance of, and need for, the wider involvement of all our communities, whatever their differences. We are all people and should be welcomed equally. Ian has a disability, living with multiple sclerosis and mobility problems, yet is secretary of his local party.


Fully supporting the party policy of re-joining the EU when the time is right, he says the only thing to really decode is when that is. For the sake of the UK and everyone who lives there, that time is now and feels the party needs to say so calmly but loudly. Living within the EU (in Spain), as he has continued to do since before the referendum, Ian is keen to capitalise on the Election Act’s re-enfranchising of many Brits living abroad. They will become UK voters and their support for LibDem parliamentary candidates could be difference between winning and losing marginal seats.


Federal Council is to provide scrutiny in-between federal conferences, ensuring that board decisions are in line with party strategy as voted for by conference, and calling-in any decisions that seem to subvert this. With all his experience in politics and journalism, Ian is ideally suited to this role.

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